Internal Audit Support

We help the Internal Audit function create an annual or multi-year audit plan, in which IT audits and special projects are included.†Once the scope and timing has been defined, we become your arms and legs and perform the IT audit and special projects required by your organization. This is extremely beneficial to you because you donít have to worry about keeping your IT auditors trained and current. We co-develop expectations to ensure our deliverables meet your requirements and bring the experience and expertise required to perform the job.

IT Risk Assessment – Prioritize applications or processes that need to be evaluated according to risks related to your industry, business and information technology. †

Audit Plan Development – Document the nature timing and extent of your IT audits. Including hours and resource requirements.

General Controls Reviews – Evaluate user access administration, program change, logical security, system availability and operational controls. †

Application Controls Reviews – Evaluate automated controls over financial and business applications

Network and Operating System SecurityReviews – Use tools to evaluate operating system policies and overall security (RACF, Unix, Windows, Top Secret, ACF2, VMS, etc.).

Data Analysis

Special Projects