How We're Different

Knowledgeable, Reliable & Cost Effective Solution

SAS was founded on the premise that good advice should be reliable, specific and yield greater value than its cost. SASí outstanding reputation and prestige have been earned by providing valuable client-focused services at a competitive price.

SAS professionals specialize in the evaluation of risk and controls over IT from a financial, operational and regulatory perspective. With extensive audit and controls advisory experience, we use tools and proven methodologies to evaluate risks and improve controls that can help sustain a long term risk management strategy. SAS professionals believe in adding value to our clients. Integrity, quality and knowledge transfer are the core values of our business. There are several compelling reasons why SAS is the right choice.

Seasoned Professionals

Our project team brings both business process knowledge and technical expertise. You benefit from our deep understanding of IT risks and controls as well as our knowledge of the highly regulated industries. Our seasoned professionals have technical certifications, credentials and multiple years of public accounting and industry experience.

Proven Methodology & Tools

SAS has proven methodologies and tools used to increase efficiencies and maximize productivity in the field. We donít reinvent the wheel every time we take a new project, but rather use proven processes delivering consistent work products while keeping you and the auditees informed. Where possible, we use proprietary tools (e.g. SAS Analyzer, SAS Detector, etc.) to make your audits more effective and efficient or to benchmark you with institutions with similar environments.

Cost Effective Rates

We offer high-quality services at a reasonable price. Our billing rates are highly competitive and flexible because our organizational structure is not burdened with layers of less experienced professionals or administrative staff. When you hire SAS you donít sacrifice quality, you pay for seasoned professionals you can depend on.

Value Focused Solutions

Today, more than ever, internal audit is pressed to provide recommendations that add value. SAS strives to achieve your audit and compliance requirements while maintaining a consultative eye. We will identify areas of improvement and give you the innovative solutions that can make the Company better, stronger and more efficient.